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The purpose of our Extra-Strength Joint Supplement is to supply a combination of proven ingredients at therapeutic levels. We add no sugars, flavors, starches, heat processing or toxic binders to any of our products. We do not add cheap ingredients like dehydrated alfalfa to make it look like you are getting more product for your money. Our containers are small, heavy and packed with active ingredients exclusively. One half scoop of our product contains more active ingredients than most competitors.

Recommended Dosages: (500kg Horse) Adjust dosage for weight
Acute and severe conditions:  1 level scoop (36gm/50ml) daily top dressed on favorite food
Maintenance/prevention: 1/3 to 3/4 scoop daily Monitor movement and adjust accordingly.
I use 1/2 scoop preventatively (no symptoms) for my teenage horses or horses in heavy training 

 There are a lot of horse joint supplements on the market but few that are effective as far as ingredient content and levels. We have included ALL  four major joint ingredients that work synergistically. Since most joint problems are related to damaged cartilage, we felt that it important to include both Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Very few joint supplements contain Chondroitin because it is very costly. ​
​ Improved mobility means reduced morbidity.
A Healthy Horse is a Happy Horse!

Active Ingredients (all natural source) per 50 ml scoop (35.1gm) daily serving
Hyaluronic Acid              100mg   
MSM                            20,000mg 
​Chondroitin Sulfate       5,000mg
Glucosamine Sulfate    10,000mg

​No fillers, sugars, or artificial flavors.
White odorless powder with slightly sour taste. Mix with wet food or stir in with a little oil or water with dry food.
​All Natural Source.
​Many supplements do not contain Chondroitin as it is extremely expensive. Adding this ingredient doubled the cost of our Joint Supplement  but I felt it is a very important additive. Most joint problems are related to damage of the cartilage and while HA increases joint fluid and MSM reduces pain and inflammation, both gluosamine and chondroitin help build and repair cartilage.