Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

There are many claims and counterclaims about “DE” but I will attempt to address some of the facts AND some of my own anecdotal evidence.
50% of our Natural Digestive Support is a special diatomaceous earth mined in Nevada. Careful consideration of particle size and marine mineral content were some of the factors in our choice of product.

  1. DE has a natural laxative effect because it stimulates peristalsis, absorbs water and helps move feces through the colons cleaning debris from the gut lining.
  2. DE is a source of bioavailable silica which is instrumental in the formation of cartilage and bone in the fetus AND is a natural toxin binder.
  3. DE is a source of marine minerals which are easily absorbed and utilized. **There are so many we don’t even list them on our ingredient list. All minerals on our label are in ADDITION.
  4. DE is a natural insecticide when used externally. **After 20 plus years of using BioEquine Natural Digestive Support there are NO flies on my manure pile.
  5. DE  MAY be a natural wormer. **I worm once a year just to make sure. My fecal counts are 0 BUT all my horses are on BioEquine Digestive AND I have excellent manure and pasture management.
  6. DE is a good source of boron also a natural toxin binder.  **We add extra boron to our formulation for added protection against environmental poisons.

Above are just a FEW of the properties of DE that make it such an important ingredient of our Natural Digestive Support by BioEquine. Instead of using fillers or “carriers” for our ingredients, we want EVERY ingredient in our products to be therapeutic concentrates. That is why our products are concentrated, pure and unprocessed and our daily dose for most horses is only 30 gm. (2 tablespoonfuls) Our Natural Digestive Support is also great for cats and dogs and we offer special smaller packaging for our furry friends.
Here at BioEquine we firmly believe that most metabolic conditions can be directly related to gut function. Our focus is optimizing that gut function by delivering a small amount of nutrients into a clean gut, maintaining bacterial populations and allowing the animal to get the full benefit of it’s feeding program. We do NOT believe every horse needs a different supplement..instead an owner can adjust the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to suit the horse. Of course the exception is a disease state requiring extra maintenance provided by advice from your specialist.