Horse Deworming Properties of BioEquine Horse Supplement

Over the past few years, we at BioEquine have been receiving reports that horses on our supplement were either free of parasites, or had unusually low counts. Nothing had been consciously added to the supplement for this purpose, and we are not sure what is doing it. However, in the past we have had numerous reports from our customers telling us that by using BioEquine, they had successfully dewormed their horses. Somewhat cautiously we had passed that information on to our readers with the comment that we were not sure exactly why it was working but that people were consistently reporting this benefit.

In fact, we frequently reminded people that there was nothing specifically in BioEquine that was intended to have an effect on worms.

Our research into this question has finally produced a plausible answer.

One of the ingredients in BioEquine is a trace mineral-rich product that comes from ancient deposits in Nevada. These deposits are composed primarily of the exoskeletons of microscopic marine life that flourished eons ago. The skeleton of the diatom is made up of secreted silicon which is very hard and sharp. When the animals die, their skeletons accumulated on the marine floor and fossilize.

Microscopic view of Diatomaceous Earth
It is the structure of the skeleton that is of interest. It seems that the sharp, abrasive qualities are highly effective in damaging the bodies of insects and worms, literally grinding them to death. By contrast, the skin and intestinal lining of large animals and humans are impervious to diatomaceous earth and tolerate it very well. In fact, it has some of the same beneficial effects of natural fiber, scrubbing and cleaning the intestinal wall.