Mycotoxins…Dangerous and Growing!

The secondary metabolites produced by fungi known as mycotoxins, are capable of causing mycotoxicosis (diseases and death) in human and animals. Contamination of feedstuffs by fungi occurs frequently in a natural manner and is accompanied by the presence of mycotoxins. We are all familiar with the problems caused by “mouldy hay”. Mycotoxicosis can by deadly because the toxins produced by the fungi kill the good bacteria in the gut. AND mouldy dust inhaled by horses can cause serious respiratory problems. **About 20 years ago, I bought round bales from a neighbour. I was starting 3 two year old geldings by my stallion Chics In The Male. I did not notice that the middle of some of the bales were mouldy and the dust had penetrated to the outside. My horses started coughing. I immediately changed the hay but they kept coughing. Finally I had the vet give them steroid shots. That cleaned up the inflammation but my cutting horse Smoke still coughs 12 years later when I am warming him up.

Unfortunately, fungus, which traditionally was more prevalent in coastal areas is spreading inland. (Global warming??) So besides environmental poisons from manufacturing, mining and other industries we are having to deal with toxins from moulds. Australia has a lot of problems from mycotoxins and our formulation has been found to be very affective in their country. I believe that our base with natural silica and extra boron help trap and eliminate the toxin while our probiotic content keeps the good bugs repopulated.

Here at BioEquine we firmly believe that most metabolic conditions can be directly related to gut function. Our focus is optimizing that gut function by delivering a small amount of nutrients into a clean gut, maintaining bacterial populations and allowing the animal to get the full benefit of it’s feeding program. We do NOT believe every horse needs a different supplement..instead an owner can adjust the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to suit the horse. Of course the exception is a disease state requiring extra maintenance provided by advise from your specialist.