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Note the shorter barrel in the middle which does two things…prevents the bit from collapsing together in a “nutcracker motion” like a broken mouth piece bit AND allows the mouth piece to flex more so it adjusts from about 4 1/2 ” to about 5 1/2 “. AND look at the big forward curve for tongue relief. I also increased the thickness of side pieces and the rings for lots of feel in the hands and less “spot pressure” on the bars of the mouth. If you are not sure of the size of your horse’s mouth, measure a bit you think fits. AND if you are still undecided, order and try one. If you need to return it (postage at your expense) I will refund you because I can sterilize them on return. 
These bits, coupled with soft hands, can be the answer to behavior problems in your horse! 

At horse events we often see horses gaping their mouths … why?
The common denominator in most is a broken mouth piece snaffle. We have not used those bits in over 20 years at Sunglade Ranch. The more pressure you put on those bits, the more they dig into your horse’s pallet and squeeze the bars.  If your horse is gaping, showing resistance and throwing its head and you are using a broken mouth piece bit, your horse is trying to tell you that you are hurting its mouth. If you want your horse to learn quickly, let it concentrate on the lesson instead of worrying about getting hurt. 

I always start my young horses with the ring model of the Comfort Mouth Bit. I don’t mess with bosals or any other system. I used to ages ago but after designing these, I found no need. After letting the youngster wear it in the stall for an hour once or twice, I put them on my horse exerciser. They have already been on it free and saddled. Then I put some rubber reins on the rings and gradually tighten until they learn to give to pressure. Now I get on them. The reason for starting with the ring is I can pull harder sideways or back if I have to without any pain. When they are giving readily and are very soft in the face after 6 months or a year I graduate to the shank. Many people think it is so you have MORE LEVERAGE, Well, you do BUT the reason you switch is that want your horse to be even MORE responsive to even LESS pressure so your hands become even lower and softer. Think of the reins being a thread…

Here I am showing one of my 3 year olds “Canadian Male Eh” (Free) at the Canadian Supreme using the Comfort Mouth Ring Bit. I start ALL my young horses in this bit.  I do not bother with a bosal or any other system. They learn quickly that pressure on their mouth means to give to that pressure WITHOUT having to worry about pain caused by “nutcracker” broken mouth piece snaffles. Note the loose fingers, draped reins and CLOSED mouth. This was a big hard stop but I did not pull on him to get it.