Crystal KroetchHi Lynne, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results of the horses that are on your BioEquine product. Every horse we have on it has an amazing hair coat. It is crazy how shiny they are. When the horses look like that on the outside you can only imagine how healthy they are on the inside!! You had told me that BioEquine is a “natural” wormer. Wasn’t really sure if I believed that or not so thought I would check it out. My top horse “Lymrix” spends January through March in Florida – hot and lots of parasites. Ten days before we come home my vet has me worm him. This year I didn’t do that and in June I took a fecal sample from him and one of my son’s horse (he has been on the BioEquine as well) into the vet. Could not believe the results, fecal count on both horses was 0. It is really great to have a product that you know is actually doing what it claims to do. It’s a fabulous product and I have since put all of my horses on it.

– Crystal Kroetch, DK Saddlery
Level 3 Dressage Coach
2011 Pan American Games Silver Medalist
International Grand Prix Competitor

In my life I have been honoured to meet some amazing people and horses. I am pleased to say I now include Bioequine among those and am blessed to be part of the team. I met Lynne several years ago, bought some Natural Digestive Support for my own horses and when I saw the amazing improvement in their health – both physical and mental – I started promoting it to the barn clients. This cost effective, complete feed supplement gives our horses an edge in appearance and performance.

Salina Storch Calgary Ab.

I have a gelding that came to me with some digestive issues and in an effort to help him get better I was already feeding a Vitamin/Mineral Supplement plus Diatomaceous Earth plus Probiotics so I thought “why not give BioEquine a go?!”  Well let me tell you, I’m very glad I did! In just 3 weeks I was completely blown away with the difference in both of my horses. Even their musculature changed! They both gained weight yet it seemed to be their muscles that grew (vs. simply getting fatter). From the looks of things they were not properly absorbing all the nutrients I was giving them previous. Since BioEquine they are definitely absorbing what they need and are thus able to properly develop their musculature. They look gorgeous on the outside and I know it’s a result of BioEquine working it’s way from the inside-out. Thank you Lynne!

– Brooklyn Greig, Island Natural Horsemanship

Wow!  I bought a 2 year old in May from California and I could tell as soon as I got him he was lacking in something.  His coat was rough and dull and condition OK but not great.  That is actually why I came and saw you to get info on the product.  Let me tell you he looks like a different horse now after just 6 weeks.  His stomach is working much better and a shiny, short coat is emerging…just an all around stronger looking animal!   My 6 year old’s hair I believe is better too.  I’ll keep you updated on my 2 year old’s progress!  Have a great day.

– Trish M.

I purchased a 2 week sample of your product and I just have to say, even though you told me I wouldn’t see any effects within 2 weeks, I see many great effects. My horse isn’t an easy keeper; I have been struggling to put weight on her all winter. Well, within the past few weeks of using your product I had to LOOSEN my back cinch on our ride yesterday. She is filling out beautifully (not fat, just gaining weight where she needed it so she could gain muscle). Not only that, but she has shed out and underneath was a really soft shiny coat. She is kind of picky so I was worried about taste, but that isn’t a problem either. I just sprinkle it on top of her oats and she eats it!
Thanks again!  I am off to buy a larger size.

– Laura Grefford, Glenworth, SK

I have a mare that used to get terrible terrible ulcers and was almost always wormy, but had terrible allergic reactions to chemical wormers. After 3 weeks on your product her ulcers were almost all cleared up, she started gaining weight and her coat no longer looked dull, she even got that sparkle back in her eye!! Due to a brain injury, I had her bred this summer. My vet advised me not to supplement her with anything during pregnancy as she is so sensitive and don’t want to put the baby at risk, but i had such amazing results on your product I’m wondering if it’s safe for pregnant mares. She’s about four months along now and I want to do whatever I can to help her through these last six months.

– Sarah Richards, Volte Equine, Cochrane, AB

I love this product! It’s wonderful stuff. My 6-yr old boy is doing really well on it. He seems to have digestive issues with many other brands of vitamins I’ve tried, plus I had bloodwork done on him and his selenium was low (probably since I had to keep cutting back his vit/mineral supplement b/c it kept giving him the squirts!) Not diarrhea, he had normal-formed poops but constant squirting. Anyway, your stuff is GREAT and doesn’t affect his digestive system, in fact I can give him the full recommended amount and he has dried right up, no squirts, and normal gut sounds now (he used to sound like he had a thunder storm going on in there!). No more bloated belly (which was a big concern before starting bioequine). We both love this stuff!

​- Joanne Faulkner, Shawnigan Lake, BC

Super, and thank you.  We love the results from the first order!   My gelding who was suffering some dorsal colitis following bute administration, so I gave him BioEquine and it is now clearing up – I will keep him on BioEquine!

– Isabel G.

R.Hello this is Emily. I came by and got some of the supplements at the start of the summer last year. My mare did awesome on it this year and she just kept looking better and better, Her times in barrels also kept getting better and she never seemed to be stressed at the races or even get tired at the three day races. I even have friends that are ordering the supplement now since they noticed how well my mare did on them over the racing season. I am thankful that I found this supplement that is affordable and it is doing so good for me that I just ordered the bigger deal of it so I can keep maintaining my mare for the upcoming year of barrel racing and get my little filly started on it so I know she is in good health when I start her this spring. We talked a little about me trying to help you sale it more down here in Nevada and I am still willing to do that if you want to. Just let me know and I will try my best to sale this great product that I have come to like so much.

– Emily R.

This spring my friend recommended that I try your mineral, so I ordered some. Here is a picture of my two year olds hoof showing how much healthier the new growth is since being on BioEquine.  I am more than pleased with the noticeable results and truly believe healthy on the outside begins with healthy on the inside. It is a bonus that is it Canadian made and mailed right to my post office box.  I will be telling my equine friends about your mineral for sure.

– Janine, A happy new customer!

I researched vitamin and mineral supplements when my vet advised me to take Pharaoh, my Friesian gelding, off processed/pelleted feed and give him oats. Pharaoh had had a series of (thankfully) very mild colic. I found BioEquine, liked what I read and decided to give it a try. My partner, Bill, wants to put his mustang, Rocky, on BioEquine, so I ordered the Pro-Pack. Pharaoh started Bio-Equine in May of this year and has had no colic since then. He looks and feels wonderful!”

– Sally Peterson, Colorado

I recently ordered BioEquine fior the first time and the horses took to it right away!
I have to admit something…I tried it myself (gasp) as I was curious…and mixed a portion safe for a dog into a shake and drank it several days in a row and a few things happened:
– my craving for alcohol vanished, literally my taste for it disappeared. I have since spontaneously quit drinking (not that I was out of control however I was enjoying white wine on reg basis)
– my hip and joint pain left too (was so bad that I was having difficulties lifting leg to mount)
– excellent energy
– I think my skin looks better
Your probably going to write me back telling me I am nuts to try an animal product and then to like it so much. It started off as a curiosity that led to a “wow, I think this stuff works on people!” thing.

I have just placed my order for Joint too 🙂