Natural Digestive Support

By now, ALL of us have heard about probiotics and are aware that they are beneficial organisms that live in and on all species of plants and animals including humans. That was not always the case. When I discovered the formulation for our Natural Digestive Support by BioEquine about 25 years ago (no I did not formulate that one…) I had a very hard time trying to talk to people about probiotics for horses, dogs and cats. My personal experience told me that probiotics were good for ME so why not my animals? Then when I started seeing the wonderful results I was having on my ranch with this formulation, I started studying ALL of the ingredients in detail to try to figure out what was so unique and effective about this product. In a previous newsletter, I talked about the base of our Natural Digestive Support (Diatomaceous Earth) which helps to prepare the gut to receive nutrients but why added “Bugs”?

1.  A horse’s stomach is not much larger than it’s heart and produces acid 24 hours daily unlike humans and carnivores.
2. MUCH of the digestive processes in a horse take place in a large “container” called the cecum..basically a bag full of good bacteria.
3. Too much acid in the gut (lack of grazing, concentrated feeds, proper training and housing conditions…) kills good bugs.
4. If you want good digestion, you need LOTS of digestive bacteria everywhere in the gut but especially in the cecum. So maintaining that bacterial population on a regular basis is essential in good digestion.

“We created our formulation for Natural Digestive Support 25 years ago!”

Here at BioEquine we firmly believe that most metabolic conditions can be directly related to gut function. Our focus is optimizing that gut function by delivering a small amount of nutrients into a clean gut, maintaining bacterial populations and allowing the animal to get the full benefit of it’s feeding program. We do NOT believe every horse needs a different supplement..instead an owner can adjust the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to suit the horse. Of course the exception is a disease state requiring extra maintenance provided by advise from your specialist.

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