BioEquine was one of the first companies in the world to include probiotics!

Providing Healthy Digestive and Joint Solutions to Horses For Over 30 Years! 

We include a natural toxin binder because of the certainty of the rise in environmental toxins. BioEquine is one of the few supplement lines that adds NO carriers or binders and so it is not species specific…ie. no grain, forage, or meat byproducts so you can feed it to all your farm animals including your dogs, cats, goats, sheep...

We do not believe that horses need multiple products and supplements to be healthy. Horses need to eat well and optimize their digestion. Certainly there are instances where we may want something extra, like our Joint supplement, but throwing multiple products at your animal is not only costly but counterproductive.

BioEquine Extra Strength Joint Supplement is just that...contains all four PROVEN ingredients at the top of the recommended dosage for a 1000 lb horse all in ONE 36 gram scoop. That means  a maintenance dosage of 1/2 scoop often contains a higher level of therapeutic ingredients than many of our competitors. And again, no fillers, carriers, artificial flavors...

Our company is small, ranch operated and our products are custom made in a specialty mill that has several certifications and awards for excellence. Being a small company means you can talk with the owner and formulator, B. Lynne Hoff directly! We ensure high quality, natural products with the best efficacy standards in the industry.

The Science of BioEquine Supplements

Unlock the door to a world where your horse:

  • Moves with grace and power
  • Excels in competition
  • Radiates vitality

BioEquine Supplements are meticulously crafted to:

  • Enhance Joint Health
  • Optimize Digestion
  • Revitalize Your Horse's Energy

Discover this secret to a healthier, happier horse.

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About Lynne

Our Founder, B. Lynne Hoff

Lynne comes from a long line of horsemen and brings 60 years of horsemanship skills to the horse industry and is best known for owning and standing the Canadian Legend and top reining horse sire CHICS IN THE MALE. (“Bubba”) was the first son of Smart Chic Olena that was imported into Canada and has produced more Canadian Supreme Open Reining Futurity Champions than any other sire in the 40 year history of the event.

Lynne continues to reside on Sunglade Ranch at Sundre, Alberta, Canada, and at a vibrant 73 years young, she got bored with trail riding her retired Bubba babies and bought herself a new cutting horse!

If you have any questions for Lynne, she would be happy to chat. She loves to hear about customers animal family!