What Are You Really Paying For?

Walking into a feed store looking for a feed supplements can be very confusing. There are a vast array of complete feeds and feed supplements to choose from, the choice can be overwhelming.

Complete feeds contain varying amounts of “carrier” or “filler” often described as added protein or fat or fiber. Most of those products come in bags and are priced under $30 per bag. That seems like a great deal…big bag, small price. Usually in 20 kg bags, which is around 45 lbs of product, these products are full of processed fillers such as soybean meal, dehydrated alfalfa, wheat midlings etc etc. While these products may be a good source of protein, it is all the other factors to consider that concern me. What heat and/or pressure processing do they go through? What is left of the vitamin and enzyme content after all that? What is the source of the filler?? Organic? Traceable? North American? And the feeding regumin..if the recommended portion is 2.5kg that $30.00 bag only contains enough for 10 days or $3.00 per day for some inexpensive filler and some vitamins and minerals. Most of these horse owners say “oh I only give them a little”. Well to me that is wasting your money. The true nutrient content (vitamins, minerals, enzymes) etc are calculated to contain a daily requirement in the 2.5kg recommended dose NOT a cupful! Yet bagged, processed feeds continue to be a multi billion dollar market in North America.
Feed supplements are an entirely different product. They are concentrates that are meant to be fed in addition to your daily feed regimen of protein, fat, carbohydrates etc and give you as the horse owner the opportunity to fine tune your program to your horse. I feel strongly that if a supplement dosage is more than a couple tablespoons of product daily, it has some filler in there somewhere. So, read the label, divide the total contents by the recommended dosage to figure out the number of doses in the container and then divide the cost by the number of doses. For example, our BioEquine Natural Digestive Supplement 5 kg pail (we have other sizes) contains 5000gm (5kg) of product. The recommended daily dose is 30gm. That gives you 167 doses (167 days or 5.6 months for one horse) The 5kg pail is $200.00. So the cost per day is $1.20 per day. AND instead of having processed fillers, chemical binders, questionable carbohydrates and more, our Natural Digestive Support contains probiotics, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, marine trace minerals, toxin binder, gut cleanser and natural parasite defense. I invite you to find a more complete product….never mind the amazingly low price. Other companies offer you MULTIPLE products to try to accomplish what our Natural Digestive Support by BioEquine does. I invite you to compare products and find anything that comes close both in efficacy and price.

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