This year an 18 year old Canadian Warmblood mare was boarded at my facility. She was a preliminary eventing, dressage novice and started in jumping. She was unsound and diagnosed with an arthritic fetlock with pain on flexion with grade 2 lameness. She was injected with Legend and was on ¼ tab previcox daily. This gave short term relief. Her feeding regimen included a 14% protein vitamin and mineral supplement with forage.
After visiting with Lynne, we switched the mare’s diet from the 4% pellets to a small amount of
grain, top-dressed BioEquine Digestive Support (double cleansing dose for 2 weeks) and BioEquine Extra-Strength Joint Supplement and after only two weeks we quit the previcox. The mare has never been better. Her canter is very comfortable and her trot is expressive. We are very impressed and pleased with BioEquine. Recommend it highly.
- Carthy Chalack Ulterra Equestrian Limited Alberta

  • It is really great to have a product that you know is actually doing what it claims to do. It’s a fabulous product and I have since put all of my horses on it.

    I am so pleased with the results of the horses that are on your BioEquine product. Every horse we have on it has an amazing hair coat. It is crazy how shiny they are. When the horses look like that on the outside you can only imagine how healthy they are on the inside!! BioEquine is a “natural” wormer. My top horse “Lymrix” spends January through March in Florida – hot and lots of parasites. Ten days before we come home my vet has me worm him. This year I didn’t have to do that and in June I took a fecal sample from him and one of my son’s horse (he has been on the BioEquine as well) into the vet. Could not believe the results, fecal count on both horses was 0.
    — Crystal Kroetch, DK Saddlery
    Level 3 Dressage Coach
    2011 Pan American Games Silver Medalist
    International Grand Prix Competitor

  • In just 3 weeks I was completely blown away with the difference in both of my horses. Even their musculature changed!

    I have a gelding that came to me with some digestive issues and in an effort to help him get better I was already feeding a Vitamin/Mineral Supplement plus Diatomaceous Earth plus Probiotics so I thought “why not give BioEquine a go?!” Well let me tell you, I’m very glad I did! They both gained weight yet it seemed to be their muscles that grew (vs. simply getting fatter). From the looks of things they were not properly absorbing all the nutrients I was giving them previous. Since BioEquine they are definitely absorbing what they need and are thus able to properly develop their musculature. They look gorgeous on the outside and I know it’s a result of BioEquine working it’s way from the inside-out. Thank you Lynne!

    — Brooklyn Greig
    Island Natural Horsemanship

  • I love this product! It’s wonderful stuff. My 6-yr old boy is doing really well on it.

    He seems to have digestive issues with many other brands of vitamins I’ve tried, plus I had bloodwork done on him and his selenium was low (probably since I had to keep cutting back his vit/mineral supplement b/c it kept giving him the squirts!) Not diarrhea, he had normal-formed poops but constant squirting. Anyway, your stuff is GREAT and doesn’t affect his digestive system, in fact I can give him the full recommended amount and he has dried right up, no squirts, and normal gut sounds now (he used to sound like he had a thunder storm going on in there!). No more bloated belly (which was a big concern before starting bioequine). We both love this stuff!

    — Joanne Faulkner
    Shawnigan Lake, BC