We add a low level of vitamins and minerals ( including our base of DE with marine minerals) to help balance out any regional defiencies. NOTE** If you live in a very low selenium area like Vancouver Island, you may want to supplement with a Vitamin E/Selenium product.

No processing, no dyes, no chemicals, no artificial flavours.

Horses don't need multiple supplements

One of the first things you may notice about BioEquine is how FEW products we market...

We like to keep things simple...

Most of our competitors will try to sell you multiple products by putting a few ingredients in each package or giving you varying amounts of filler eg. 18% vs 10% "protein". Figure it out...if the daily regimen is 2 cups for example, this will amount to a difference of a couple tablespoons dehydrated alfalfa, etc. If my horse needs more protein I will give it an extra flake of hay.

Instead, we have created two bio-synergistic formulas… one to optimize digestion

(BioEquine Natural Digestive Support)

and one to support joint health and mobility.

(BioEquine Extra Strength Joint Supplement)

***Of course, if you have a special needs horse under the care of a veterinarian or other professional, by all means add what it needs. Our Digestive Support will make it work better because it is going into an optimized gut.


A Healthy Horse is a Happy Horse!


    Everything You Need In One Horse Feed Nutrition Supplement. No fillers, sugars or artificial flavors!

    ​Besides our probiotics and a low level of vitamins, amino acids and mineral ingredients intended to balance diet, 50% of our product is our all important base which naturally cleans the bowel of debris and parasites, binds toxins, and acts as an adsorbent which encourages moist feces and stimulates peristalsis, helping to prevent bowel obstruction. Even if you need to supplement our products with another ingredient (such as selenium if you live on Vancouver Island), or oils if you want more fat, etc. they will work better in an optimized gut. If you think you have a special needs animal, please contact your veterinarian for advice.

    Natural Digestive Support is so stable, it has a shelf life of 2 years. Our Natural Digestive Support is designed to be fed daily to help prevent any digestive upset, promote optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients thereby benefiting the whole horse in any and all of it’s activities. However, please note – if you are unable to give this product daily, your horse will still benefit from occasional feeding.

    ​Feed as a top dressing to a bit of grain such as oats, barley, flax or mixed with stock salt in a one to two ration (such as 1 lb of BioEquine to 2 lbs of salt). As we add no binders to our products they are dry powders. You may want to moisten your grain with a bit of water or oil for a few days so our product has something to stick to until your horse learns to lick it out of the bottom of the pail. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND COMPLETE FEEDS (fillers and sugars) OR non-organic BEET PULP (glyphosates).


    Gut cleaner / natural wormer

    Helps prevent colic

    Helps repair and prevent ulcers

    Promotes joint health (bioavailable silicon base)

    Rapid hoof growth

    A beautiful coat

    Calm speed and endurance

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    There are a lot of horse joint supplements on the market but few that are effective as far as ingredient content and levels. We have included ALL four major joint ingredients that work synergistically. Since most joint problems are related to damaged cartilage, we felt that it important to include both Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Very few joint supplements contain Chondroitin because it is very costly. ​

    The purpose of our Extra-Strength Joint Supplement is to supply a combination of proven ingredients at therapeutic levels. We add no sugars, flavors, starches, heat processing or toxic binders to any of our products. We do not add cheap ingredients like dehydrated alfalfa to make it look like you are getting more product for your money. Our containers are small, heavy and packed with active ingredients exclusively. One half scoop of our product contains more active ingredients than most competitors.

    ​ Improved mobility means reduced morbidity.

    Recommended Dosages: (500kg Horse) Adjust dosage for weight

    Acute and severe conditions: 1 level scoop (36gm/50ml) daily top dressed on favorite food

    Maintenance/prevention: 1/3 to 3/4 scoop daily Monitor movement and adjust accordingly.

    I use 1/2 scoop preventatively (no symptoms) for my teenage horses or horses in heavy training

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